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"A child without education is just like a bird without wings, dreaming to take a flight but bound to stay on the ground"

As per the 2022 ASER Report of Odisha, the percentage of enrollment of students in Government schools has increased from 86.2 in 2006 to 92.1 in 2022. This is a major milestone for the people of Odisha. However, there is still more to do in the field of education. Increased enrollments of students in schools and colleges followed with quality education will bring a major difference in the lives of the young students.

The Amulya Jeevan Foundation under its Jeevan Aakaar initiative is undertaking various education initiatives focusing students of various age groups and education levels. The aim is to facilitate healthy learning environments for students such that they reach their full potential.

The Amulya Jeevan Foundation is an organisation that lends a helping hand to the most vulnerable section of the society. Upholding the ideology that every life is precious, AJF reaches out to people in need and distress and supports them. From providing free meals to the hungry, quality education to the poor, healthcare to the needy, livelihood to the downtrodden and shelter to the deserted, AJF tries to bring a qualitative change in the lives of people in distress. AJF has a dedicated team of volunteers who reach out to people far and wide with helping hands and a smile on their faces.