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Amulya Jeevan: Our Reason for Being

VISION To uplift the most vulnerable sections of society and ensure that they lead their lives with dignity.

MISSION • Meaningful interventions at critical times to improve quality of life
• Providing equal opportunities to the vulnerable
• Enabling people in need to be self-dependent
• Removing gender bias from the society by supporting women and girls
• Reaching out to distressed, destitute and differently-abled section of the society

VALUES Compassion, alleviation, emancipation, inclusion and empowerment

MOTTO Every life is precious

Amulya Jeevan represents

  • Hope for the hopeless
  • Welcome food for the poor and hungry
  • Nourishment and recovery for the ill and diseased
  • Safety and solace for the hunted
  • Renewal for the torn
  • Sanctuary for the persecuted
  • Home for the homeless
  • Rest for the travel-weary
  • Shore for the drowning
  • Dignity for the trampled
  • Education for the illiterate
The helping hand of support and upliftment. Because every life is precious.

The Amulya Jeevan Foundation is an organisation that lends a helping hand to the most vulnerable section of the society. Upholding the ideology that every life is precious, AJF reaches out to people in need and distress and supports them. From providing free meals to the hungry, quality education to the poor, healthcare to the needy, livelihood to the downtrodden and shelter to the deserted, AJF tries to bring a qualitative change in the lives of people in distress. AJF has a dedicated team of volunteers who reach out to people far and wide with helping hands and a smile on their faces.