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"No life should be lost due to the inability to access quality healthcare, and especially owing to the lack of financial strength"

The doctor to patient ratio in rural India is a matter of growing concern with only 0.7 doctors per 1000 patients, whereas the normal ratio would have been 2.5 doctors for the same number of patients. Although India is making great progress in terms of medical technology, many people, especially from the slums and downtrodden communities, have to lose their lives as they don't have access to any of these. There are women who deliver babies on roads and people who die of minor infections that could have been easily treated with simple medication.

The Amulya Jeevan Foundation came up with the Jeevan Aarogya initiative to provide quality healthcare to people from disadvantaged and distressed communities. Lack of awareness, means and finances often hold back people from seeking the right medical care in times of need. We aim at reaching out to such people and providing reliable assistance, guidance and treatments at minimum cost or completely free of cost.

The initiative aims at providing medical support to beneficiaries from disadvantaged communities and needy people in distress. We have a dedicated team of volunteer doctors, surgeons, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centres and chemist retailers / wholesalers who can become part of the ecosystem of support. This will also help the beneficiaries to avail service or products free, or at minimum cost.

The team hosts blood donation camps, along with health check-ups, free cleft lip/palate surgery, intervention or vaccination camps that provide a direct or indirect benefit to the disadvantaged community, and strives to facilitate the reaching of government-provided services to the poor through awareness creation programs and other forms of support.

The Amulya Jeevan Foundation is an organisation that lends a helping hand to the most vulnerable section of the society. Upholding the ideology that every life is precious, AJF reaches out to people in need and distress and supports them. From providing free meals to the hungry, quality education to the poor, healthcare to the needy, livelihood to the downtrodden and shelter to the deserted, AJF tries to bring a qualitative change in the lives of people in distress. AJF has a dedicated team of volunteers who reach out to people far and wide with helping hands and a smile on their faces.