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Avinash Khemka

Founder & Managing Trustee, The Amulya Jeevan Foundation

An epitome of humility and selflessness, Avinash Khemka is a karma yogi who believes "it is in giving that lies the true measure of living".

Born in Bhadrak, Odisha, he is a successful businessman, who believes in deep substance over superficial style, and meaningful engagements over frivolous pastimes. Avinash is a biscuit manufacturer for a national brand and also provides logistic services to large companies. He has a keen interest in nature and is oriented towards helping the needy and downtrodden. Avinash has a passion for nature and wildlife photography, which he has been pursuing since 2012. He has travelled all over India and to many countries of the world, capturing the natural heritage, bio-diversity and wildlife. He has published a coffee table book 'The Magic of Mangalajodi" in 2022.

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, Avinash could feel the plight and suffering of the people, and to address the same, he reached out to the migrant workers returning to their states via National Highway 16, set up a camp in Bandalo near Tangi in Cuttack, Odisha and distributed cooked meals, biscuits and drinking water and provided basic amenities, viz. make-shift toilets and medication. He arranged conveyance for people travelling on foot and on bicycles, to ensure that they reached their homes safely and comfortably. This is when he came up with the idea of setting up a non-profit organization - The Amulya Jeevan Foundation. Gradually, he came up with other program such as Jeevan Aahaar, Jeevan Aakaar, Jeevan Aarogya, Jeevan Aadhaar and Jeevan Aashray, to help the vulnerable sections of society. From providing free meals to the hungry, quality education to the poor, healthcare to the needy, livelihood to the downtrodden and shelter to the deserted, Avinash Khemka has left no stone unturned in transforming the lives of those who were forgotten by many.

Founder's Message

" Not everyone in this world has been bestowed upon with the same blessings. What might be a drop for someone, can be an ocean for someone else. While we go about living our lives, celebrating the beautiful bond of love and togetherness with our near and dear, let's not forget the ones who need them the most.

From food and transportation for hungry to monthly rations for orphanages, senior citizens' homes and shelters for visually-challenged, from education for the poor to healthcare for the needy, from livelihood for the downtrodden to shelter for the deserted, AJF lends a helping hand because ours is a wonderful world and every life is precious.

We hope to achieve great things going forward and lead by example. Show us love, by participating in our journey, and helping us spread the good word around. "

- Avinash Khemka

The Amulya Jeevan Foundation is an organisation that lends a helping hand to the most vulnerable section of the society. Upholding the ideology that every life is precious, AJF reaches out to people in need and distress and supports them. From providing free meals to the hungry, quality education to the poor, healthcare to the needy, livelihood to the downtrodden and shelter to the deserted, AJF tries to bring a qualitative change in the lives of people in distress. AJF has a dedicated team of volunteers who reach out to people far and wide with helping hands and a smile on their faces.